TMFS is a Montreal based group created in 2017 by two Argentinians: Martin Hury and Javier Muñoz. They explore melodies through the rhythm of their different cultural influences. From Tango to Chacarera, and Bolero to Zamba, this duo characterizes itself mostly above all by the musical roots of its creators; the Jazz/Argentinean Folklore idiom from one and Blues and Swing from the other.

TMFS surrounds itself with the exceptional vocal talent of Bianka Rosa, a Canadian with Italian roots, enchanting rhythms of Cuban percussionist Hanser Santos Gomez

Thanks to their original songs and standard tunes, the group offers a cathartic experience to the public, a rhythmic journey through the continent.


Next Show — 31st January 2020 — Centre Culturel St-John — Bromont, (Québec), J2L 1C2
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